Who Knows?

There must come a point when people realise that they are being lied too and that the current environmental and media institutions are not fit for purpose. Of course i am mainly referring to Fukushima here for it is beyond my comprehension how a disaster of such long lasting magnitude and far reaching implications can … More Who Knows?

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day: Could there be a more prime opportunity for the most prominent environmental groups to promote the continuing, unstoppable THREE HUNDRED TONS of radioactive groundwater flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day from Fukushima to the world? I’ll give you an example, see this extract from greatbarrierreef.org ; “Australians for Animals Inc. (AFA)  … More World Oceans Day

If the Romans had Nuclear power, we would still be storing their Radioactive waste

The big unresolved problem with Nuclear waste The Romans left a legacy that is still evident in our life society today, from their road engineering to their communal baths, they left a lasting impact upon the civilized world. The Romans were an advanced race, far ahead of their time in many ways, and we can … More If the Romans had Nuclear power, we would still be storing their Radioactive waste

Understanding Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear power and Nuclear weapons are prevalent in todays society due to the development and creation of Atomic energy. Nuclear reactors were not initially designed to produce electricity, they were designed and developed to create the ingredients needed for Nuclear bombs during World War Two. After the world witnessed the horrific damage and human suffering … More Understanding Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons

Scar Tissue

  It has often been hypothesized that if a hostile Alien entity were to arrive on Earth with the intention to wipe out humanity that all the countries of the World would unite together and pool all their available resources in order to combat, and hopefully defeat the common enemy for the good of all … More Scar Tissue