Who Knows?


There must come a point when people realise that they are being lied too and that the current environmental and media institutions are not fit for purpose. Of course i am mainly referring to Fukushima here for it is beyond my comprehension how a disaster of such long lasting magnitude and far reaching implications can be simply ignored and quashed.

How can people ‘forget’ about what is happening without searching their moral compass?

How can people have children and urge them to educate themselves to the best of their capability and plan for the future whilst at the same time ignoring the nuclear Godzilla that is Fukushima?

The long lasting complications and implications caused as a result of Fukushima are beyond human understanding. The nuclear industry has created an entity beyond its understanding or capability to control, and instead of admitting as such to the world, the industry is covering up the horrific consequences of its ignorance in opening pandora’s box of which now it cannot close. Regardless of whether you are religious or not, one cannot deny that Fukushima is the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced, and if the prediction that Armageddon is to beset humanity is true, then i honestly believe that Fukushima is it. One would be ignorant to suggest otherwise, for Fukushima is irradiating our home, our world that we call Earth, not only for the present time, but for thousands of years to come. I do not believe that the general public fully understand the magnitude of what has happened and is continuing to happen at Fukushima, for if they did there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. I do not blame the public, MutantDaisys was created to try and help educate and explain to people why Fukushima is so important to understand. For us at MutantDaisys, we wholly believe that the establishment uses Terrorism peddled through the corporate media to distract the public from focusing on Fukushima. Terrorism is also a means of controlling the masses through fear, and so people put their belief system in the Government in order to protect them from the ‘baddies’, when unfortunately in reality the ‘baddies’ are those in power all across the World. Countries should be uniting together as one to try and find a solution to the Fukushima problem, for it is truly a global problem. The technology required to stop Fukushima and start the decontamination process properly does not even exist currently. We are facing a problem of unparalleled proportions, and yet Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are practically silent over it. There are financial reasons for this (they are scared of losing their funding from nuclear connected establishments, including the UN) and of course the IAEA have their fingers in many, many institutions across the world, effectively controlling the opposition. An example of this would be the fact that the WHO are governed and censored with what information they can release to the public about Nuclear related issues by the IAEA. This is comparable to British and American Tobacco controlling what information the NHS / Government could release to the public about smoking causing cancer, but on a global scale. The whole situation is fucking preposterous, and yet the public are silent, mis-informed, and ignorant to the situation that is unfolding in front of their very eyes. I often wonder why this is, and the best reason i can come up with is as follows;

There is a segment in the Architects & Engineers on 9/11 documentary discussing the psychological reasons why people have such a difficult time questioning the Official Narrative of events on that day. Significant emotional distress comes with the cognitive dissonance that arises from challenging that narrative.

Regardless of ones opinions about 9/11, the insights given seem applicable to the Fukushima situation. The Official Narrative regarding Fukushima is that the situation is largely under control, and presents little danger to the public.

I suspect many people avoid thinking about the subject because subconsciously they know that acknowledging the Official Narrative is a lie would threaten too much of their belief system. It’s easier to go on believing whichever authorities they rely on.

This would be equally true for individuals in “watchdog” organizations as well as the general public. Thus maintaining a “cover up” may only require false reassurances from a very few authority figures or organizations.

Perhaps Denial keeps everyone else in line.


What i know for sure is that Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are failing us in their duty to inform and protect the public about real environmental challenges and issues relating to the Nuclear industry and Fukushima in particular. It is now up to us, the public, to inform each other about the realities of the perils we face. There will come a point when the authorities can no longer cover-up the effects of the nuclear catastrophe,and undoubtedly the public will cry out demanding how this deception could happen. Until then, it is our moral duty to continue to try and educate people about the unfolding extinction level event, to the best of our ability. Admittedly, if we had the same £200 Million budget of Greenpeace, it would be a lot easier. Money talks, and yet Greenpeace are silent over Fukushima. I am sure i don’t need to emphasise the irony.


Please share this with everyone you know and care for. It is essential we try and spread the message to as many people as possible. Together, we the people are stronger. Thank-you.


*All images featured are property of 281_antinuke on behalf of MutantDaisys, used with permission. 


2 thoughts on “Who Knows?

  1. Exactly what I’ve been thinking and saying since day1.
    Too any people think the news would be reporting on it if it was a problem, so there’s nothing to worry about. My sister finally told me she doesn’t want to know because it is too scary to think about. She just wants to keep going about her business each day pretending life will go on forever. I knew that day when they reported the power was out to the Fukushima Daiichi plant that it was game over. Since then i had to dig for information about what has happened towards cleanup. Huh, cleanup, what a joke on humanity.
    I knew we were getting the fallout here in Northern California. March 11, 2011 was the day i began moving across town to an apartment aftee losing me house to foreclosure. It was raining every day for weeks. But the rain seemed odd. Tiny water droplets, but so many of them! It poured down rain in tiny raindrop, but nobody else seemed to notice how strange it was. I knew then.

    I even wrote an email to president obama about this disaster. The response i got was, “thank you for your concerns about global climate change”, What the f??? A stupid canned response to my very pointed, direct message anout the importance of finding a way to fix the tragedy playing out in the Pacific and around the world that will be the end of life on earth if we cant stop and fix it now. Not talking about climate change, but an extinction level event!

    It makes me sick, makes me sad. I want to scream!

    Bless you for your efforts, i will always share your work.


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