If the Romans had Nuclear power, we would still be storing their Radioactive waste


The big unresolved problem with Nuclear waste

The Romans left a legacy that is still evident in our life society today, from their road engineering to their communal baths, they left a lasting impact upon the civilized world. The Romans were an advanced race, far ahead of their time in many ways, and we can only thank our lucky stars that they did not invent Nuclear power, for if they had we would still be storing and guarding their Radioactive waste today. Let that sink in for a minute if you will, for we are doing exactly that, leaving our future generations with a huge, cancer causing problem that we do not know how to solve. Instead, we are forever indebting our children, and their children, and their children and their children with this immoral waste product of Nuclear energy production for generations to come.

Nuclear waste is a worldwide problem. There is no disposal site to securely contain radioactive waste that is currently known to man. The Nuclear industry worldwide has already produced a pile of hazardous material to be stored and guarded well beyond our lifetimes. Now with the creation of new Nuclear reactors across the globe it wants to create even more of this toxic and lethal poison, of which we have no viable scientific solution with how to store it.

What is Radioactive waste? 

When spent Uranium fuel comes out of a Nuclear reactor it is highly radioactive, and nearly all aspects of Nuclear power are contaminated with radioactivity. This radioactivity naturally decays over time and so it has to be stored in secure storage facilities until it no longer poses a risk to human health. The amount of time this takes for each individual element is known as a half-life. The period (or half-life) of the used fuel depends on the type of waste created and the types of radioactive isotopes that are present in the spent fuel. This time period can range from a few days to millions of years, and it has to be stored safely and securely so that it does not pose a serious or deadly heath risk to humans.

The continually increasing cost of trying to keep the waste safe from humans and the environment will be a financial burden on tax payers and consumers forever. No-one can predict the final cost. At present, the Nuclear decommissioning agency spends £3 Billion per annum. In the UK, the main storage and reprocessing site is called Sellafield. This site requires continuous updates in order to be kept safe and this requires huge annual financial investments. Two thirds of the Governments DECC budget is used on the clean up of Nuclear facilities.

If humans are exposed to radiation it will cause damage to the DNA structures and enzymes in living cells in the body, and this will lead to Cancer as well as may other ill-health effects. Just standing next to the waste fuel store at most Nuclear sites would be enough to kill you.

All Nuclear power stations worldwide have a process known as ‘routine releases’. This is where Nuclear power stations release radioactive particles into the local air and sea environment, and all the public have to rely on that these particles are not dangerous to our health is the word of the Nuclear industry. Nuclear power has only been around for 70 years and so the effects of radiological routine releases cannot be properly known, assessed or understood for sure. It has been documented that health issues to the public have developed in the locality of Nuclear power stations. In 2008, a German government study reported an increased level of Leukemia and other nasty cancers among children living within a 5km radius of ALL 16 German reactors.

Chris Busby did a similar study at Hinkley Point in Somerset, here is what he found:


Germany is leading the way in Europe in shutting down and decommissioning all of its Nuclear reactors. We feel that the rest of the world needs to follow in their path as soon as possible. We cannot accept this continued exposure to radiation and health defects as a consequence any longer. Since the 1986 Nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl in Ukraine, life expectancy has decreased by 20 years. TWENTY YEARS. This is due to the multitude of health problems from the Nuclear disaster where radioactive releases spread into the environment and contaminated the land and food. Radiation does not just go away, it will not decay for a long period of time, and therefor it will remain present for different life cycles and generations to live with, altering the DNA of living beings that come into contact with it and causing horrific deformities and mutations in living cells of the body. The mainstream media do not portray the inhumane suffering and deformities that the children of Chernobyl, Ukraine and Belarus have suffered. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown is far more severe than Chernobyl, with Three nuclear reactors plus the majority of their respective spent fuel pools having melted down 100%, Chernobyl by comparison was one reactor that was a 30 % meltdown before it was contained, to a degree. Fukushima cannot be stopped from continuing to meltdown, and as a result since March 2011 THREE HUNDRED TONS of radioactive water has been leaking into the Pacific unabated. Recent oceanic studies completed by Dana Durnford of TheNuclearProctologist.org have found that the Pacific is dying, with basic life forms ceasing to exist, and the Pacific birth-pool in western Canada being devoid of life.

The cover up of this monumental catastrophe suggests a unilateral cohesion of information suppression to the public by the Governments of the world, the Politicians that we as a people have elected in order to protect us and to serve our best interests. We at MutantDaisys firmly believe that our future generations will look back on the actions of our elected in a worse light than that of which we currently view Hitler and the Nazi parties. They will also wonder why on Earth that we, as a public, allowed it to go on and did not realize the horrendous consequences Nuclear power was doing to all lifeforms. They will ask why we allowed it to continue. We are trying to instigate wholesale change and revolution of the current criminal status-quo, we are trying to inform the public and inspire freedom of thought. People must wake up to the fact that our Governments are hiding the truth, no matter how harsh the reality of the situation unfolding is to bear, we have a duty to know and to try and rectify the situation for our future children. The Children of Japan are already suffering the effects of radiation exposure, they are contracting more and more Thyroid cancers by the day, again the information of which is being suppressed by the Japanese governments and media. One of our main goals at MutantDaisys is to help the Japanese children by removing them and their families from the highest areas of radiation that they are being forced to live in. We are witnessing Nuclear radiation contamination exposure genocide.


The Unsolved Problem

Referring back to Nuclear waste, there is no scientific solution to the problem of it in sight. We have no solution to the legacy waste from the past 60 years, nor the future waste that will be created by the new reactors currently being built and in production now. The new reactors that are planned will run at a higher intensity than their predecessors and so they will create more Nuclear waste than before. This is a problem that is only going to continue to get worse, however we anticipate the effects of Fukushima will soon make it pale into insignificance in comparison.

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