Understanding Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons


Nuclear power and Nuclear weapons are prevalent in todays society due to the development and creation of Atomic energy. Nuclear reactors were not initially designed to produce electricity, they were designed and developed to create the ingredients needed for Nuclear bombs during World War Two.

After the world witnessed the horrific damage and human suffering that Japan endured after the Nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Governments of the world developed a program called ‘Atoms for Peace’. This policy stated that the excessive energy that was created by the Nuclear reactors should be developed and used to create electricity for a peaceful purpose. The electricity production program under the guise of Atoms for Peace hid from the public the parallel purpose of producing Plutonium intended for the Nuclear capable armies of the world to put in their respective Nuclear bombs during the early days of the Cold War.

A quick guide to some Nuclear terminology often found in literature relating to either Nuclear power or Nuclear weapons :-

Proliferation : Any country that possesses the technology for Nuclear power has the capability to produce Nuclear weapons. A Nuclear bomb requires fissile materials, either enriched Uranium or Plutonium.

Enrichment : Uranium, which is mined from the ground (like Coal) has a natural fissile percentage of 0.7%. This Uranium then has to be ‘Enriched’ to between 3 and 5 % in order to be used as fuel in a Nuclear reactor, like Chernobyl or Fukushima Daiichi (there are currently 444 Nuclear reactors worldwide, with 63 new reactors currently under construction!). However, if the Uranium is enriched to 90% then it would become suitable to be used in producing Nuclear weapons.

Reprocessing : All Nuclear reactors produce Radioactive waste which contains Plutonium. The reprocessing of this ‘spent fuel’ separates usable Uranium and Plutonium into a form of which can be used in Nuclear weapons. Only 3 kilograms of reactor grade Plutonium is needed to produce a Nuclear weapon.

Fun fact : The word ‘Pluto’ derives from the name of the God of the underworld in Greek mythology. Pluto represents a dark and violent ruler whom presided throughout the underworld. He was considered to be the God ‘most hateful to mortals’. It is no coincidence that Plutonium gets its name from Pluto, Plutonium is extremely dangerous and carcinogenic to Humans.



Any country that wants to have a Nuclear arsenal in its weaponry has to have a Nuclear power station in order to create the weapons. MutantDaisys has been created to raise awareness of the Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdowns, however we also want to help educate and explain to the public about how the Nuclear industry is linked to other parts of life, both civilian and military. Any public platform that is fighting the Nuclear industry is also competing against the Military of respective countries that wish to keep their Nuclear arsenal. It is a very un-level playing field, i would compare it to David v Goliath on steroids.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are like Siamese twins. Since international ‘controls’ on Nuclear proliferation began Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea have obtained Nuclear weapons, highlighting the link and relationship between civil and military Nuclear power. Both the IAEA and the non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), seek to promote the development of ‘peaceful Nuclear power’ whilst at the same time trying to prevent the spread and creation of Nuclear weapons. It is quite the juxtaposition.

There are currently 24 countries worldwide that purportedly have no Nuclear weapons but do have Nuclear power, they are; Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine.

Man has now developed an Airplane that can fly around the world using nothing but Solar power. No Airplane has ever flown around the world using Nuclear power. With the development in Solar power technology Nuclear power and its associated risks should be rendered obsolete.





*All of the stencil artwork used on MutantDaisys is the property of @281_antinuke, used with permission.
**The Nuclear power / weapons diagram featured above was donated by the STOP Hinkley activist group, more information about them can be found at http://www.stophinkley.org








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