Scar Tissue


It has often been hypothesized that if a hostile Alien entity were to arrive on Earth with the intention to wipe out humanity that all the countries of the World would unite together and pool all their available resources in order to combat, and hopefully defeat the common enemy for the good of all mankind. The enemy Alien (which I am hypothesizing came from Pluto) would have to face the might of every nation on Earth, it would have to overcome every Man, Woman and Child that calls Earth home before it could be assured and satisfied of victory. All current wars and conflicts would end instantaneously and we word all work together in order to protect our beautiful planet and ensure its survival for our future generations. I do not know any parent alive that would not give their own life if it meant the survival of their offspring. It is built into the human DNA, to protect our loved ones, to care and provide for them, to keep them safe. I know not of anyone that would sacrifice their children if it meant their own survival.

It is therefore incomprehensible to me that the worlds Governments sit in silence as we witness the slow death of our amazing home planet. Mother nature is being exposed to elements that she has never encountered before, similar to an Alien from Pluto being exposed to AIDS or Cancer. The sound of silence resonates bombastically as we continue to watch the cancerous and evil radio-logical contamination of planet Earth, slowly witnessing her suffer from the man-made radiation virus being injected into her veins from every possible sinew.

Our elected leaders and right honorable members of parliament have infected the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, and the land that provides the food for us to eat, all for what exactly? Our species, along with every other living creature on Earth, is on the brink of an extinction event not witnessed since biblical times, yet the free press are silent, having either been shackled, censored or bought and as a result are failing in their duty to report accurately to the masses the true nature of the course that humanity is currently heading, that being oblivion. We live in a capitalistic world fueled by money and greed, fed by corrupt politicians helping dictate the economy with their mates from the Eton monopoly of bankers, setting the pace and direction on every aspect of our life, from environmental policy to the so-called religions of this world. If you want answers, just follow the money. If you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. It seems that the right (dis)honorable members of political parties that we have elected into power have decided that we have no right to know the real factors that affect the balance of our very existence. Who are they to play Russian roulette with the very future of humanity, all the while keeping silent about it, only discussing the predicament that we all face in the confines of confidentiality?

You may think that I am over-reacting, yet may i remind you that the unfolding events at Fukushima Daiichi are unprecedented in the history of man-kind. We have never faced the event / threat of a triple Nuclear reactor meltdown, along with their respective spent fuel pools. The continuing  effect of the radiation being released, that of which we as humans, animals and the environment are subjected to at an ever increasing rate, is completely uncharted territory. Do not believe the establishment when they tell you it is nothing to worry about, they have no idea, for as previously stated a triple Nuclear reactor meltdown has never happened before. Fukushima is the modern day Godzilla, we as a species have opened Pandora’s box, and we do not have the capability to close it. Fukushima cannot be stopped from continuing to melt down. Three reactor cores are in what is known as a chain reaction, and they will continue for Millennia. Humankind does not currently possess the technology to stop this Nuclear Godzilla from continuing its reign of terror, we are powerless to stop it unleashing its radio-logical fallout fury upon planet Earth and all that call it home.

I am finding it difficult to contain my anger at the very thought of this deception. Of course, telling the truth in a time of universal deceit is a revolutionary act, and so I believe it is high time that we as a people stand up for ourselves and our future children, and start a revolution. The incumbents of Government have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. Economy De-stabilization, inflation manipulation, offshore accounting fraud, election fraud, financial fraud, favors for cash, cash for honors, right (dis)honorable people (MP’s) having sexual relations with children in the Houses of Parliament, lies about the environment, lies about Fukushima, lies about chemtrails, denying of quite blatant inside jobs or false flag events, lies about countries possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction and then lies about reasons for waging war on certain countries for reasons I am still yet to understand, lies about assassinations such as John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon, lies about our history, lies about the technology we possess – lets just use HAARP for this example, lies about the lies they have sold us about every aspect of existence we refer to as life.

Well let me tell you now, I am sick and tired of being lied to, and it is not for our elected members to pass judgement on us the people, it is for us the people to decide if the elected members are fit and trustworthy to represent us. They are in power to serve us, to represent our best interests, and they are failing miserably. Well I am now of the opinion that it is in the best interests of us all that we stand up and oust these devils from the seat of power in which they currently sit, and I for one am prepared to bear the scar tissue of the endeavour of revolution, if it brings an end to this untenable and untrustworthy rule of the satanic slippery snakes we refer to as our politicians and leaders of the establishment.


















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