The MutantDaisys Manifesto

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(We spell it “ Daisys ” as mutations cause deformities….)

Overview – What exactly is MutantDaisys?

MutantDaisys was set up in September 2015 initially as a basic journalistic  platform to spread awareness to like minded professionals, individuals and people of the media about the triple meltdowns of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power station.

We are currently campaigning to establish a program of mandatory distribution of Iodine Tablets for all residents that live within a 50 mile radius of Nuclear Power stations in the UK. Eventually we wish to expand this program to incorporate all Nuclear Power stations  worldwide.


Since then, the concept of MutantDaisys has evolved into a movement, or rebellion concept if you like, against the current status quo of Fukushima Information suppression, manipulation and disinformation by the Japanese government, TEPCO, the International Nuclear industry and the wider mainstream media as a whole. The concept stemmed from personal anger and disgust at the lies, false facts and silence from pro nuclear lobbyists and the nuclear industry as a whole regarding Fukushima and Chernobyl. The true impact that harmful radionuclides released from a Nuclear power station either ‘Routinely’ or as a result of an accident will have on humans and the environment is not broadcast or widely understood. It is clear that there is a biased agenda from the Nuclear Industry of downplaying the significance of these very dangerous and carcinogenic particles that are released into the atmosphere in such events as stated above. The public are being fed distorted and manipulated information about Nuclear power and therefore are unable to make a proper evaluation of the long term risks that it poses, and whether they think it is morally right to pass down the consequences of Nuclear power to our future generations. Information is power, yet how many civilians do you anticipate will know what a half-life is, let alone the what half-life of Strontium-90 or Cesium-137 is?

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice”

The situation at Fukushima is not being reported accurately or truthfully, and as a result the wider public of the world do not fully appreciate the true scale and implications of what is going on, and just why it is so important. Unfortunately, in general, the average Joe of today will believe what they watch on the six o’clock news to be true and accurate, and if Fukushima isn’t covered as a news article then it is only natural for Joe to assume that everything must be fine and there is no cause for concern. The reality of the situation could not be further from the truth.

We feel that the average person has lost the urge, inclination and desire to research news and facts for themselves, and in today’s technological age will rely on the TV, radio or mass media news outlets for their quick fill of world events and current affairs, blissfully unaware that what they are being told may not represent the actual reality of events occurring in the world we live in. We live in a 24 hour society, reliant on technology to provide the answers we need. “Google It” will soon become patented and added as a phrase in the Oxford dictionary no doubt.

 The laws of capitalism, blind and invisible to the majority, act upon the individual without his thinking about it. He sees only the vastness of a seemingly infinite horizon before him. That is how it is painted by capitalist propagandists, who purport to draw a lesson from the example of Rockefeller—whether or not it is true—about the possibilities of success. The amount of poverty and suffering required for the emergence of a Rockefeller, and the amount of depravity that the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude entails, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible to make the people in general see this  ”. – Che Guevara

Mission Statement

“Raising awareness is crucial to highlighting and dealing with the challenges and threats posed by the Fukushima disaster, not only to the Japanese children and wider population but also to the environment and the future generations of this planet.    

We are, after all, only guardians of the earth until our children inherit it from us.  

We are currently on course to leave a radioactively contaminated earth as this generation’s legacy, and we believe urgent and direct action and campaigning must be taken to educate and inform the wider public of what is happening. We believe in educating and informing the masses so that the complexities and consequences of Nuclear power production are properly understood, and associated risks are properly evaluated”MutantDaisys

Our goals

  • To establish a mandatory distribution program of Potassium Iodide tablets for all residents currently living within a 10 Kilometer radius of Nuclear power stations within the UK. Once we have achieved this goal, we intend to expand the program to incorporate all Nuclear power stations world-wide.
  • As part of our distribution program, we intend to question why this practice is not already in place by the Nuclear industry, citing examples of Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl for precedents of unprepared communities suffering the effects of radiation exposure when Nuclear power station accidents happen.
  • To Increase awareness of the triple meltdowns to gain far wider public attention.
  • To highlight the struggle of the Japanese children subjected to radiation exposure in Fukushima prefecture & help find a solution.
  • To communicate what Thyroid cancer is and how it is contracted.
  • To truthfully communicate / explain what radionuclide contamination of the planet is, how it is happening and why it is such an important global issue.
  • To deliver in bite-size chunks, education and advice on radiation exposure and the consequences to humans and the food chain.
  • To campaign for the instigators of the cover up of Fukushima to be brought to justice, whoever they are and wherever they’re from.
  • To campaign for change and reform over the current suppression and manipulation of information relating to the true workings of a Nuclear power station, and their controlled or allowed releases of radioactive isotopes.
  • To implement the MutantDaisys foundation as a human rights organisation, focusing on helping people suffering from the effects of radiation exposure and highlighting the initial symptoms to help and encourage people get treatment earlier.                                                                                                  


We anticipate all forms of activism will have to be implemented for us to achieve our mission goals, and help will be required. The MutantDaisys Movement will need funding and support from a variety of sources, especially to help with the direct action initiatives to raise its profile and to fight the pro-nuclear propaganda machine, and whilst we can self fund to an extent, any additional financial help, support, advertising or promotion will be very important in helping us to promote the movement and achieve our mission goals.



Communication is key to our success in achieving our goals. The best forms of contact currently are :-



twitter: @mutantdaisys

Telephone numbers and address will be provided upon request / direct communication with yourself. Thank-you for your time in reading this blueprint manifesto, we hope to hear from you soon! Together we are stronger.

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*All artwork featured is property of @281_Antinuke ( Used with permission.



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