The Six o’clock blues

Tuesday 26th April 2016 was the 30th anniversary of the terrible Nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, and so i had renewed hope that the subject of Nuclear power would once again be brought into the public domain by mainstream media commemorating the anniversary and remembering all those afflicted people who have either died or suffered ill effects as a direct result of radiation exposure and contamination from Chernobyl. So as i sat down to watch the BBC Six o’clock news, i was intrigued at seeing how they would portray and commemorate this somber milestone. With hindsight i can appreciate that i should not have been so surprised that the BBC commemorated the anniversary by not actually mentioning it at all. Not one second of coverage or recognition. This being, may i remind you, the worst nuclear accident since Fukushima, which has contaminated large swathes of Europe and destroyed countless lives in this generation and the next, yet the BBC decided it was not even worth a mention. Nothing.

This only points to one thing, a concerted agenda to prevent the issue of Nuclear power from reaching the public psyche, to prevent discussion about its safety and long-lasting consequences for both Nuclear waste and Nuclear reactor accidents, such as Chernobyl and Fukushima. This is whilst the UK conservative government are trying to push ahead with the Hinkley Point C project, which when completed will be the largest Nuclear reactor in the UK, and the most expensive building on earth. I guess the establishment doesn’t want the public thinking for themselves “Is Nuclear Safe?”, and the calculated exclusion of Chernobyl from the Six o clock news goes a long way to prove this. Sometimes, silence can speak louder than words, you just have to be listening for it. Chernobyl was bad, it was one reactor that suffered a 30% meltdown, emitting radiation for 10 days until the engineers managed to get a handle on the releases of radiation to an extent, yet even now radiation is still seeping from the destroyed reactor. The Russians are busy in the process of entombing the monstrosity of the crippled reactor No 4 in a brand new concrete sarcophagus, designed to keep a lid on the radiation leakage, with an estimated lifespan of about 100 years. Of course, when the expiry date arrives this generation will be long gone and so it is not our problem, it is for our future descendants to play with and contemplate, it is our children and grandchildren that will have to figure out what to do with it. A lovely inheritance for them to deal with and look forward too i am sure that we can all agree. Having said all that however, i couldn’t help but be alarmed and angry at reading corporate mainstream media article after article stating at how Chernobyl was the worst Nuclear accident in history, demoting Fukushima to an important event but not as dangerous or concerning as Chernobyl, when the reality could not be further from the truth. For Fukushima has suffered three complete 100 % meltdowns, including the loss of three respective spent fuel pools of used uranium which were stored on top of each respective reactor. Add to this that the one reactor at Chernobyl was 1/3 the size of each reactor at Fukushima and situated in a landlocked country, 6oo miles from the nearest coastline compared to Fukushima which is situated on the Pacific coast, and a picture should emerge that Chernobyl was in fact a baby in comparison to the mutant Godzilla of Fukushima.

Fukushima is a Nuclear catastrophe beyond all comprehension. All three reactors are still continuing their meltdown unabated, humans cannot get anywhere near to each individual reactor to even asses the unfolding situation. The human race does not currently posses the technology or know-how to stop this unfolding disaster, even the robots designed to enter the crippled reactor buildings to search for the melted cores (Corium) shut down and stop working before they get anywhere near to the reaction chamber due to the intense radiation that they are exposed too. Then lets remember that since 11/03/2011, Fukushima has been bleeding a minimum of 3oo Tons of highly radioactive water A DAY into the Pacific ocean, and a horrific picture of the true devastation to humans and the environment begins to emerge about what is really going on at the crippled Fukushima plant. This, in part is why i believe that the BBC did not even reference Chernobyl on its 30th anniversary. They do not want the public to awaken, they do not want critical questions being asked of Fukushima, Chernobyl or the Nuclear industry as a whole, especially as like I’ve said before, the UK stands on the precipice of building the largest Nuclear reactor in its history. The government and establishment have many questions to answer and yet continue to prevent the public from thinking freely and analyzing the Fukushima situation for what it is, whilst manipulating their source of news and information to suit the agenda of disinformation, misdirection and falsification by the oppressors.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue, and as more and more people are enlightened to the true facts and goings on in the world, the people responsible for hiding the truths must be brought to justice. The people of the world need to be informed of the true challenges we are dealing with, the real threats to our future existence and the problems that we face. This is just a quick overview of Fukushima, moving forward this blog will critically analyse, evaluate and explain the unfolding situation at Fukushima.

MutantDaisys (spelled Daisys’ as mutations cause deformities)  has been created to raise awareness of Fukushima, to campaign for justice and to help those children and civilians being exposed to the the radioactive fallout and radiation. Please share this blog or the name of MutantDaisys as far and as wide as you can, please tell your friends and family about it. Shout it from the rooftops if you so wish. We must unite as one to tackle the troubles we all face for together we are stronger, and we can make a huge difference and bring about wholesale changes. Our oppressors of truth are only there because we as a people allow them to be. The atrocity that is Fukushima is not just a Japanese issue, it is a global problem, and one that we must all embrace and challenge head on, united together to help inspire the best minds out there to create a viable solution to our problem that is the Nuclear Godzilla of Fukushima.




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