The trouble with being Ernest


It is 2016 and a sad fact of reality that we live in a world where the truth is generally replaced with agenda propaganda from the ruling establishment, with which the vast majority of the public arena cannot seem to see through. There are clear agendas in place to dissolve our freedoms and delete our sovereignty, free speech and freedom of expression, of which somehow the majority of people willingly embrace, like blind lambs running to their slaughter. The ability of the deceivers to remove our liberties, for me, centers around the concept of Terrorism. The age old concept of ruling the masses through fear has never been more evident than today, with the vehicle of such being the so called Terrorism. The concept of Terror is not new, yet the ferocity of which we are subjected to it in the current age is a purely calculated and manipulated tool to allow the instigators to evoke laws of such control over the masses in the name of our so called protection that we are blind to see what is really going on, whilst also being void of our freedoms slowly but surely to resist, rise up against and stop it. We live in an age of technology, where information has never been more readily available, yet few bother to research current affairs details for themselves, instead relying on the mainstream media for their fix of news, and they take that information to be gospel. I am thankful that there are a select few people who can see through the facade, however the vast majority are so hypnotized by the system that the very idea of 9/11 being an inside job, or man not actually having landed on the moon would instantly provoke rejection from them, as they have seen the events unfold by themselves (all be it through a tertiary third party news source, mainly being Television).  These people however, are stuck in such a state of hypnosis that they can be informed of mass media and establishment denial (Hillsborough) or political corruption (MP Pedophilia or the Panama papers) being exposed, yet they believe the very same people who tell them that 9/11 and the moon landings happened exactly as they saw them on the Television. It is such a paradox that i find it difficult to convey in words. I wish to scream from the top of my lungs, yet few would hear me. I can give you academic fact after fact about both such events, and yet the majority of people would still believe the official story. I will save my breath, but i urge you to look up building six, and seven, of the world trade center demolition and hopefully that alone will set you on the road to revelation. If not, then ill quickly refer to basic physics, being that if an object falls at free-fall speed it means it is encountering no resistance. The twin towers fell at free-fall speed, meaning that the steel framed cores were somehow rendered invisible or obsolete to resisting the implosion, despite the two planes hitting the towers 2/3rd of the way up (The concept would be slightly more believable if the planes had hit their foundations). Then take into account building six and seven, and the countless amounts of Thermite found at ground zero, and a picture clearly emerges that all is not as it seems. I appreciate that i have digressed, but that is only because 9/11 was the birth of the current westernized world of Terror that we now live in. It was the stimulus or precursor if you like, for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a pretext for Libya and now Syria, i can only imagine where it will take us next. Russia maybe? Except Russia will stand their own, and i wouldn’t blame them, and so we are most likely currently standing on the precipice of WW3. The point being to all of this is that if people were to  wake up and realize that 9/11 was a calculated false flag attack, just as 7/7 in the UK, then hopefully they would see that everything they have been told ever since 9/11 was a lie. How can one trust the governments and the establishment, if we have been deceived by them ever since 9/11, and talking of Terrorists, the US, UK and allies have killed millions of innocent civilians in the areas of conflict mentioned above, and so who are the real terrorists again if 9/11 was an inside job?!This post is not about 9/11 or conspiracies in general however, this initial blog (and there will be many more to come i can assure you), is about how we the people cannot believe a word of the mainstream media news, information or basically anything they to say to be factually accurate or true. This, in turn directly refers to Fukushima, and in part Chernobyl. If i or we can prove the establishment and mainstream media are perpetually telling lies to deceive us, then hopefully people will see that the hyperbole being sprouted from said sources that Fukushima is nothing to worry about is also a complete lie. Fukushima has suffered THREE complete reactor meltdowns, the radiation bleeding from the nuclear plant site cannot be stopped, and so we stand on the brink of no return, having contaminated the planet with radioactive radionuclides beyond any comprehension. The nuclear industry and apologists of course deny that there is a problem, they call it a localized industrial accident when it is nothing of the sort. Nuclear contamination genocide would be a more fitting description. We must stand up together, unite as one, educate and inform as many people as possible and try to figure out what can be done to save the planet. The suppression of information cannot be allowed to continue, and so as MutantDaisys stands in its infancy, it shall grow to become a foundation of knowledge and truth, of hope, and of unity to connect people, and work together to establish reform and  revolution of thought regarding Fukushima and the nuclear industry as a whole, striving to help people understand the complexities we faces, helping the Japanese and their children who have already been exposed to harmful radiation, and to unite people of all races and backgrounds to stand up against this global tirany and suppression of truth that we all face. I hope that you will join us, i pray we can come together as one however it shall not be easy, there is a long road ahead, undoubtedly it shall be like an honest politician running for office, being smeared and slandered the whole way with lies and untruths, lurid allegations and falsification of facts, but you see, in the current climate of smoke and mirrors, lies, deception and misinformation, that is indeed the trouble of being Ernest.











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