MutantDaisys is spelled ‘Daisys’ because mutations cause deformities.


Welcome to the MutantDaisys website


We are a non-for profit cause, initially designed and created to raise awareness and inform the public about the continuing Nuclear catastrophe that is ongoing at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan. As the concept of MutantDaisys evolves, we find ourselves incorporating ever more facets of Nuclear waste and radiation exposure effects into the MutantDaisys concept.

In the UK, we are campaigning to get a program established to distribute Potassium Iodide tablets for every resident living within a 50 mile radius of all nuclear power plants in the country. Eventually, we hope to expand the program to incorporate all Nuclear power stations worldwide.

We are committed to helping the children of Japan currently suffering from radiation exposure, having to live in radiated areas and breathe in contaminated air, playing in contaminated playgrounds and eating irradiated food.  The current suppression of the realities of life in Fukushima cannot be allowed to continue.

We encourage discussion and feedback, so please contact us if you have any questions, queries or wish to help us promote our cause. Thanks for visiting, and if you are interested or like our intent and content, be sure to say hello!


The A2-B-C trailer featured above is the work of Ian Thomas Ash. He is committed to helping explain the current realities of life for those currently living in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. More information about Ian and his work can be found at;

Ian Thomas Ash

All stenciled artwork featured on MutantDaisys is property of 281_Antinuke, used with permission. More information about 281_antinuke can be found at;